How to migrate a QLM License Server to another server

If you are using QLM Pro or Enterprise and need to migrate your license server to a new server, follow the procedure below.

  • Install the QLM License Server on the new server, along with a new QLM database. For details on how to install the QLM License Server, check this article.

  • Configure a new profile in the QLM Management Console to connect to the new License Server

    • From the Manage Keys tab, click Sites

    • Click Add to add a new profile

    • Enter the URL of the new profile along with the encryption keys

    • Test the profile and make sure all tests pass

  • Create a SQL Server backup of the existing database from the SQL Server Management Studio.

  • Create a SQL login user (with the same password) identical to the one used by QLM on the previous server.

  • On the new server, restore the backup over the existing database created during the installation of the QLM License Server.

  • Finally, you must upgrade the database schema as described in this article.

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