Tool to test network connectivity

The QlmNetworkTester tool can be used to test network connectivity at a customer site.

QlmNetworkTester requires as input the settings xml file generated by the "Protect your application" wizard. This xml file is typically used as an argument to the QLM License Wizard. If you do not have this xml file, you can generate it as follows:

  • Launch the QLM Management Console

  • Go to the Protect your application tab

  • On page 2, select your product, your license server and your programming language

  • On page 3, click Next (no changes required)

  • On page 4, set QlmStoreKeysLocation to Registry or File depending on which option you selected for your application then click Next

  • On page 5, select a temporary location to save your customizations and click Save

  • Several files will be created. The file with an extension lw.xml is required as input for the QlmDeleteKeys application.

The files required to run QlmNetworkTester are QlmNetworkTester.exe and QlmLicenseLib.dll. You can copy these files from the QuickLicenseMgr installation folder, typically: C:\Program Files\Soraco\QuickLicenseMgr

To run QlmNetworkTester:

- Copy QlmNetworkTester.exe and QlmLicenseLib.dll to a new folder

- Run QlmNetworkTester .exe

- Click the "..." and select the location of the settings xml file.

- Click Test Connection

- Click Finish to close the app.

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